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Helpful Cleaning Tips


Tips and Tricks


  • Use dryer sheets on mini-blinds and T.V. screens to prevent recurrent dusting

  • Use walk off mats at entrances to catch dust and dirt. Usually made of nylon or olefin with rubber or vinyl back

  • Put knick-knacks in the dishwasher for a good cleaning

  • Shower curtains can be renovated by being washed, on gentle cycle, with a pint of white vinegar

  • Put your sponges in the dishwasher every couple of days to disinfect

  • When dusting start from the top and work your way down

  • Wash walls from the bottom up, it prevents streaking. Use a vacuum on "flat" paint

  • Use old socks to clean difficult woodwork

  • A few drops of vanilla extract placed on a cotton ball will remove odors from refrigerators, cars, bathrooms, etc...

  • Change furnace filters monthly, it will cut down on dust and prolong the life of your furnace


We hope these tips and tricks are helpful!

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